Dressage & Trail

Dressage and western dressage are a test of the training level and trainability of the horse. These competitions are a judged riding pattern in an arena. These competitions have a variety of levels from basic walk-trot tests to highly intricate musical freestyles. There are also equitation and team competitions.

Trail competitions are obstacle based tests in an arena/pasture or trail. Many of these competitions combine precision with speed. The Extreme Cowboy Association, Extreme Trail Horse Association, and the International Mountain Trail Association offer arena/pasture based trail competitions. Equine Trail Sports offers arena/pasture, and trail events. ETS events include:
Obstacle Course (OC)– pasture/arena/trail 0-1 miles & minimum of 8 obstacles,
Obstacle trail (OT) pasture/arena/trail 2-4 miles & minimum of 8 obstacles
Trail Challenge (TC)– camp/trail 5-10 miles & minimum of 6 obstacles

Working equitation has both individual and team competition. These competitions include a dressage test, judged trail class, and a speed trail class. In the team competition, a cattle sorting class is also included. Any variety of tach and attire is allowed as long as it is the same style for horse and rider. For example, you could use your english dressage tack and attire, but not your english dressage attire with western dressage tack.

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Interscholastic Equestrian Association (4th-12th grade)
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Equine Trail Sports
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