Rider Fitness

It is important for riders to develop their fitness to improve their riding ability, but also to maintain their health as humans (address the areas/skills/demands that are not just for riding).

Altra Running Shoes
Garmin HRM
Polar HRM
Rogue Fitness Equipment
Ultimate Direction
Xero Shoes

*Home-based bodyweight strength and flexibility.
Mayhem Nation/CrossFit Mayhem
*The everyday athlete program includes home (M30) and gym-based programs.
Power Athlete HQ
*Lean & Able is a 20-45min gym-based workout.
Primal Endurance Course
*This course includes running, strength training, and nutrition.
*This program includes breathwork, and home or gym-based programs.
*Bodyweight, kettlebell, and barbell programs.
*adaptive CrossFit programming

What you eat, when you eat, how much you sleep, and how you maintain your body are all important for your success and health. Martial arts training can be beneficial for those working on improving balance and focus.

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