Step 3: Forage

Your forage ration should be provided over a 24hr period to your horse. You want to minimize any periods in which the horse does not have access to forage (grass, long stem hay or chopped hay).

If feeding long-stem hay, you can use a slow feeder or slow feed haynet. This will help your forage ration last for a longer period of time. Chopped hay can be provided in any large feeder with a solid bottom (not a net). A horse will eat his chopped forage ration faster than he would if it was long-stem hay. When feeding chopped, make sure you divide the ration into several feedings per day. Some stable managers will provide chopped during the day, then fill a slow feeder/net with long stem hay in the evening to ensure the horse has access to forage overnight.

Hay Nets
Freedom Feeder Nets
Handy Hay Nets
Hay Chix Nets
Nag Bags
Orange Slow Feeder Nets
Hay Feeders
Porta Grazer

Chaffhaye– this is a moist, fermented product
Lucerne Farms
Standlee Hay Company

Forage (hay or pasture) is the most important part of your horse’s diet.