Equine Nutrition


Your horse should have access to forage 24/7. You can use a slow feed hay net or feeder to reduce waste and overconsumption by the horse.

*Slow Feeders*
Hay Nets
Freedom Feeder Nets
Hay Chix Nets– round bale and square bale nets
Hay Feeders
Porta Grazer

*Processed Forage*
This is a great option for horses unable to eat long stem/baled hay, or when long stem/baled hay is not available
Chaffhaye– fermented chopped alfalfa (2.5-4% starch/sugar)
Medalist Feed– pelleted alfalfa (30% starch/sugar) and barley sprouts (16% starch/sugar)
Standlee Hay Company– pelleted alfalfa, orchard (higher starch/sugar), timothy, teff (low starch/sugar)

STEP 2: Select a Feed Based on Needed Calories

Fortified Feeds have minerals/vitamins added to meet the basic nutritional needs of your horse. Mineral content for the feeds listed are in ppm (mg/kg). 1kg=2.2 pounds
Low Feeding Rate (1-2 lb/day for a 1000 lb horse)
Zinc level at 700-1000ppm

ADM Grostrong Metabolic Mineral Pellet (15.7% starch/sugar) on Chewy
ADM Grostrong 33 Ration Balancer (12% starch/sugar) on Chewy
Equine Advantage 30% Balancer on Chewy
Nutrena Empower Topline Balance (14% starch/sugar) on RK, TS
Modesto Milling Organic Horse Supplement (20% starch/sugar) on Chewy
Tribute Wholesome Blends Balancer (15% starch/sugar) on Chewy
Triple Crown Balancer Gold feed (16.3% starch/sugar + gastric buffer)
Triple Crown Balancer (9.8% starch/sugar)
Moderate Feeding Rate (4-8lb/day for 1000lb horse)
Zinc level at 200-300ppm + Gastric Buffer

ADM PowerGlo (22% starch/sugar) on Chewy
Buckeye EQ8 Performance Extruded (20% starch/sugar) on Chewy
Nutrena Pro Force Fuel (20% starch/sugar) on RK, TS
Nutrena Pro Force Fuel XF (18% starch/sugar)
Purina Omolene 200 Performance (higher starch/sugar) on TS
Purina Omolene 500 Competition (higher starch/sugar) on TS
Purina Race Ready GT (higher starch/sugar) on TS
Purina Senior Active (16% starch/sugar) on TS
Purina Strategy Healthy Edge (16.5% starch/sugar) on TS
Purina Strategy Professional Formula GX (25% starch/sugar) on TS
Purina Ultium Gastric Care (17% starch/sugar) on TS
Triple Crown Natural Pelleted Feed (20.1% starch/sugar)
Triple Crown Perform Gold (16.1% starch/sugar)
High Feeding Rate (4-20lb/day for 1000lb horse).
Complete feed- Can replace part or all of the forage ration.
Bluebonnet Intensify Senior Therapy (12% starch/sugar) on Chewy
Nutrena Pro Force Senior (18% starch/sugar + gastric support) on RK, TS
Purina Equine Senior (17% starch/sugar + gastric support) on TS
Stabul 1 (10% starch/sugar) on Chewy
Stabul 1 Plus (10% starch/sugar) on Chewy
Tribute Kalm ‘N EZ (13.5% starch/sugar) on Chewy
Tribute Kalm ‘N EZ GC Plus (13.5% starch/sugar + joint support) on Chewy
Tribute Kalm ‘N EZ Non GMO (13.5% starch/sugar) on Chewy
Tribute Wholesome Blends Senior (16.5% starch/sugar) on Chewy
Triple Crown Senior Gold (11.4% starch/sugar + gastric support)
Triple Crown Senior (11.7% starch/sugar) at TS

Unfortified feeds do not have any vitamins or minerals added (or a very low amount) and are intended to be fed with a vit/min supplement or in addition to the minimum feeding rate of a fortified feed.
ADM HealthyGlo (22% starch/sugar) on Chewy
CoolStance (11% starch/sugar) on Chewy, SP
MannaPro RenewGold & RenewGold (21% starch/sugar) on TS, SP
MannaPro RenewGold Senior & RenewGold Senior (21% starch/sugar) on TS
Nutrena Empower Boost (26% starch/sugar) on RK
plain oats (40-45% starch/sugar)


Test your hay/pasture and identify any nutritional deficiencies in your basic diet (forage). Most forages are deficient in some vitamins and minerals. A “red mineral” salt lick will not provide adequate minerals to fill any nutritional gaps. Use a ration analysis program to identify any deficiencies you need to address after uploading your forage and concentrate information.

Nutrition Design Resources:
Dr. Kellon– nutrition courses
Equi-Analytical– forage testing
Feed XL– ration analysis
Pete Ramey- Feeding the Hoof
Gastric Support
Nutrena Empower Digestive Balance on RK
Purina Outlast Gastric Support on TS
Tribute Constant Comfort
California Trace
HorseTech Supplements
Uckele Supplements

Research on Forage only diets

Research on supplemental minerals