Nutrition Analysis Part 1

I have always wondered which supplements are the best choice for my forage, but never got around to collecting pasture and hay samples for analysis. Well, I actually did it this summer! I used Equi-Analytical for my hay and pasture testing. I am more concerned with my pasture since my horses spend most of the […]

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Is your horse fat?

Horses that are overweight add stress to their joints and are at risk of founder. They are also much more difficult to fit correctly for a saddle. The best way to decide if your horse is overweight is by using, and tracking their body condition score. Horses that are a 6 or higher, should be […]

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Nutrition Part 3: SALT

Salt: Salt must be provided at all times. You can provide it free choice or top dressed. It only provides trace amount of minerals so it should not be used as your sole mineral source. Redmond Agriculture– bulk sizes Redmond Equine

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How to measure your horse

Horses are measured in hands, with a hand being 4 inches. When measuring your horse, you will measure from the ground to the top of the withers. Sometimes you will hear someone say their horse is 15.5 hands high. This is incorrect because a hand is only 4 inches. A horse that is 15.5 would […]

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